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Meet The Team


Christi Langton

​Owner / Master Brow Artist / Trainer / Licensed Practical Nurse / Licensed Aesthetician

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     Thank you so much for visiting my page! My name is Christi and I'm the owner of Dermatic Fx Med Spa. I'm a single mother of two pretty amazing children. Becoming a mother at a young age made me a fighter and taught me to work hard for what I want. 


     I became a nurse at 18 years old and spent 11 years in the field. I've always had a fire under my butt to do more, so I furthered my education and became a Licensed Aesthetician in 2011. I specialized in anti-aging and acne treatment and learned a TON about skin!

     My desire to do more continued to nag at me and I still didn't feel like I was where I wanted to be. It finally all came together in 2012 when my years spent in wound care, knowledge of skin, and my significant artistic ability placed me into a career I never imagined could be possible. I began learning about microblading by obtaining my first certification and knew that it was something I wanted to master. 

     It was in 2016 that I received my second microblading certification through the world renowned PhiBrows Academy. Microblading became my full time career.

     Fast-forward to today, I have had the opportunity to give confidence back to hundreds of women. I also created a small team to do the same,which helps me to continue achieving and creating more business goals such as teaching students the art of microblading. This is truly a dream come true for me! 

      I'm honored that so many have trusted me with their brows and I hope to earn your trust too!


Kali Lathrop

Expert Brow Artist / Customer Care Specialist

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     Hi! My name is Kali. I'm a wife, mom, sister, friend, Microblading Artist, and so much more!


     After going to school for a degree in education and then switching it up to art school, I spent most of my adult life in the mortgage industry. After making the decision to stay at home with the youngest of my four children, my sister, Christi, introduced me to microblading. I began working at Dermatic Fx scheduling appointments and working behind the scenes. I learned so much about microblading during that time that I decided to take my knowledge to the next level and apply what I knew to the skin. My art school training and OCD tendencies pushed me through training quickly. Christi said I was a natural and I knew I loved brows from the beginning.


     I never realized how brows could shape my life... and my face. It would be my honor to shape yours too!

     Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to view more of my personal work!

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