The Red Headed Gangsters

So, you’ve been microblading clients for awhile now and you would consider yourself pretty experienced. A beautiful red head with blue eyes and lightly freckled skin walks in. No biggie, just another client. You say to yourself that you’ll err on the side of caution with pigment selection and you take note that her skin is a bit on the thin side, so you’ll make sure to use light pressure on her. Great! Let’s get to work!

“Ahhhhh!” Your client cries out in pain.

“What am I doing wrong?”, you ask yourself.

Nothing is wrong. She’s a red head…

Okay… And your point?

My point is this, red heads are genetically more sensitive, bleed more, and worst of all, they have an extremely difficult time numbing unlike the rest of us. Have you ever heard of people not numbing while getting dental work done or needing more anesthetic during surgery? Most of these people are our red headed friends, but what does red hair have to do with any of it?

According to a significant amount of research, a mutation in the gene MC1R, which is the same gene that affects hair color, is to blame for the need for extra anesthetic and the resistance to topical anesthetics. This gene influences the body’s pain receptors, making them more sensitive. Simple procedures that some people may sleep through, such as microblading, may be extremely painful to people with red hair, or people who are just the carrier of the gene for that matter.

I don’t call them red headed gangsters for nothing! These ladies are tough! So the next time you sit down with a red headed client, be prepared to take a little extra time as they may need to take frequent breaks. It’s also a good idea to inform them and make sure they are well prepared and know what to expect. Not only will you gain their trust because you are knowledgeable in your art, but they may or may not want to opt out before you’ve already begun and there is no turning back on this semi-permanent to permanent procedure. The ones who go forth have earned their title as “The Red Headed Gangsters” because they are stronger than the rest. Buy them a coffee for their bravery!

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